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"All I know is that I’m quite demanding and throwing things at you all the time, and you’re always right on top of it."

- Anita Bailey ~ St. Regis Flea Market Montana
Helping Clients Tell Their Stories Since 2001
Information is good. Let it flow.
Meet Glenda S Wallace, your storyselling guide.
Talent, Skill, Experience, Heart & Humor
Glenda S. Wallace is a writer and designer artist.
Words must resonate. Pictures compel. Put these two elemental communication tools together at their best -- say in a commercial or website -- and you've got bedrock content that can capture an audience.
When you steadily storytell (storysell), marketing becomes like a stream of water smoothing down a rock.
With Glenda's experience in research, project management and content creation; her skill and will and compassion; add in a dose of humor, and a sharp marketing sense, and we have a rare one-stop communications resource she calls GSWrite.
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