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"Hey, dude. I’m really happy with the scope of your work!
You gave my company an identity and put together a really professional website. Thanks for helping me with marketing. The Radon Detective avatar will go far!"

- Ted Bump ~ Northwest Radon Detection, LLC
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When rock is exposed to water over time we see effect. Same with communications.
Think of marketing as water.
Measured, consistent, compelling content can bust through info noise and rubble like a fluid sledgehammer. One strategic drop at a time.
Story Selling Feel Like Busting Rocks?
Let's get your project running like a clear mountain stream named Success!
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Cut Through The Rubble & Noise:
GSWrite Clients typically become long-term clients. They can depend on Glenda to handle ongoing and emergent communication needs. These Preferred Clients include non-profits, small businesses and individuals, such as:
Ala carte to full-service communication -- Glenda provides a clear scope of effective marketing. Or why bother?
Free Consultations.  By  Appointment Best.
Clients of Glenda S Wallace appreciate her talent and skills, diligence to details, and Preferred Client pricing. Whether augmenting a Project Team...or acting independently with client confidence and trust -- GSWrite Communications is an one-stop-communications shop.
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Ala Carte Projects can bill out at $80 an hour.

This billing rate applies to on-site training and emergency technical support.
Full Service Communications often receive significant savings.

Deposit and installment payments through billing are common for valued clients.
Preferred Client Discounts are offered on a case-by-case basis.

Some non-profit projects can realize nearly 50% savings. Package discounts available.
Master your website software...or social media shares. Learn how to Write Like You Mean It for your agency or cause. Glenda S Wallace offers training in a variety of subjects, including Firewise Education. What do you need to learn?  Let's Talk.  (406) 722-5397.
Helping Clients Tell Their Stories
Glenda S Wallace is an award-winning Firewise communicator. From the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to the International Codes Council (ICC) and other federal, state and local fire-education and fire-prevention agencies have used her services. GSWrite specializes in website development and social media information campaigns. If you need a promotions expert on wildland fire in the ecosystem...let's Talk.  (406) 722-5397.