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"Our site is always attractive and up-to-date. Glenda is always thinking about marketing on a budget and maximizing our message, thereby enhancing our community work greatly.

- Guna Chaberek ~ Mineral County Public Library Montana
Growing online can be virtually pain free.
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Ever said, "I'm done. My 'free' website is a pain. This sucks!"?
The online world comes with gritty details to wrangle. Some keep you secure. Many get you found. Others get you noticed and shared. None are easy or typically quick. The details of website building can be costly and confusing. And they never end, but Glenda S Wallace can help.
Storytelling thrives on the web. Let's go!
Seekers of
Building a Website
So many decisions, so little time. First, do you need a website?
A virtual billboard to the world, websites convey your story like nothing else. They also don't self-select users like social media platforms. Websites are an open door to your story, message or products. But they also have time traps and a host of costs, particularly for the novice web builder. Glenda S Wallace can help with the process.
To succeed with social media think regular feed.
Social media platforms are natural storytelling tools. They also benefit website SEO. But they need constant feeding with compelling content and can be confusing. What do you share where? Words, pictures, gif, video? How often. What if no one likes, comments, or sends sales inquiries? What about analytics? Who is my audience? Glenda S Wallace can help build your brand of social media.
Building Social Media
Sometimes an Xtra creative can help.
Do you have a sitemap, words and pictures, a good platform, client analytics, and time to maintain this competitive marketing tool? How about site security certification? Do you need e-commerce? Help with domains selection and hosting of the site?
Looking to polish your brand or need a marketing overlay. Need an SEO booster for higher returns? Or just an professional opinion about such? How about a site update with robust software that is affordable and downloaded to your computer(s)?
Free Consultations.
Website Software, Hosting & Support
Find Affordable Website Tools, Hosting & Maintenance.
Corporate-watermarked "free" websites have value. So do "rented" template platforms, particularly if there's heavy e-commerce. But, many clients run on a tight budget and owning software offers advantages. A go-to tool with Glenda S Wallace is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Web Builder software that's affordable, robust, innovative, and client-user friendly.
Tech Troubles You Not
We can also host and support your website with website security certification and tech support. We're a one-stop-communications shop. Let Glenda free you from managing a living website.
Search Engines & Security Certificates
Create optimized content (SEO) and a secure layer (SSL).
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on-and-off-the-page is critical to website marketing. Pop-up tags, strategic keywords, Open Graph content, activated Search Engine Analytics -- all are signs of a well-built, SEO-rich site. Think of it as a floating iceberg. Up top there's important content, but the weighty SEO is below the waterline. Without it, a website could flop and melt your Return on Investment.
Safe & Found
A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is also vital. Preferred over :http, an :https prefix (example in your address bar signals a Certified Secure Site for e-commerce, email and form-field transmittal. Let's also confab about website security and ways to prevent hacking.
Online Footprints
Online marketing tools in the clean-up aisle.
Don't miss the free marketing tools offered by search engines such as Google and Bing. Useful data can be scooped up from their webmaster dashboards about your site's online performance. More research will reveal other facts, like this one: The longer YOU live online, the more space junk a search result might turn up about your business or non-profit. Got an online directory with old info, or errors? How about bad reviews? It pays to correct your story online. Glenda S Wallace can help.
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